Moose Mountains Reservation, Beauty Ledge Trail 11/13/13
April 27, 2019
Mount Monadnock New Hampshire
October 7, 2019

I just love hiking in the Fall in New Hampshire, Vermont or Maine. Such beautiful scenery and color and zero bugs! This is a beautiful October 2019 so far with nice warm days.

Moose Mountains Reservation is a great place to run and hike. All those trails and log roads and footpaths with gentle grades. I ran there a bunch after discovering it at the end of the fall, and over the past couple weeks have been coming back very often to enjoy these beautiful trails.  I don’t  trust my car at the end of New Portsmouth road over the winter. But a more rugged vehicle would be good.

Enjoyed over the past couple weeks — Phoebe’s Nable, Piper, The Pitch Pine Forest, and Beauty Ledge.

Thank you for these beautiful trails!

Will be checking out some of the southern woods roads over the coming weeks!

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