We are creating a community atmosphere for hikers of all levels of ability. Our country is filled with awe and wonder in the ever-changing outdoor world we live in. Aggressive Winter Trail Hiking, Summer Hiking or exciting family stroll with children as they discover where the path carries them. We have seen the growth in travelers and nature-focused family vacations, so we continue to build upon the thousands of hiking trails in our country.

Mountain Hiking: To Enjoy, To Reflect, To Conquer

When you say “Hike the summits,” it brings about thoughts of great peaks like Mt. Everest or the Himalayas, but there are many smaller peaks in the USA that compare in wonder, majesty, and challenge.

Mountains like Mount Washington, Mount Adams, and Mount Katahdin offer excitement and challenge to the advanced climbers, as well as offering the novice hiker memories to last a lifetime.

This website is dedicated to the peaks of those mighty mountains that were born in the USA. The snowy peaks, the cairn that leads you along the mossy path, or the pools that settle in the shallows of some quiet mountain stream only allowed to be seen by those who hike in.

Whether you’re hiking in New Hampshire, Maine, Colorado, Ohio or anywhere in our beautiful country, hiking the Summits is the place you want to look. Our hiking trail information and our hiking blog, are reports written by actual experience in hiking all of the mountains and trails you read about.

Hiking in the White Mountains of the great Mt. Washington Valley of New Hampshire, is only one of the many summits here. The outdoors is a playground for winter activities as well as the summer traveler headed for one of the many summits waiting to be explored. Here we are building our library of these great summits for hiking and backpacking in our backyard we call America.

For great family hikes with children, Mt. Major overlooking beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee in the Lakes Region, located in Alton Bay, NH. And Mt. Chocorua, located in Central NH towards Ossipee, NH. If your sights are set on nature hikes along the Seacoast of New England, visit our blog to find the most popular trails for you and your family to visit. No matter where your hiking plans lye, you can hike or backpack a summit near or far.

Not everyone enjoys camping in tents or cabins. There are many NH Timeshares located in the White Mountain Area as well as cabin rentals and white mountain hotels. Look ahead for your Mountain Accommodations as the area is very busy for 3 seasons, summer, fall, and winter.

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