Moose Mountains Reserve Autumn Hiking
October 7, 2019
Mount Manadnock Hiking Trails
October 14, 2020

Mount Monadnock is a 3,165 foot mountain in NH. It is the most prominent mountain in Southern New Hampshire and also the highest point in Cheshire County because is is almost 1,000 feet taller than any other mountain within 30 miles of it. This mountain is heavily hiked and is where i set my sights on a fairly easy hike but yet it promises spectacular views from the summit.  There are many trail choices leading up to the summit and I have ventured on all of them. Some of the main trails are the White Dot Trail, White Cross Trail, Birchtoft Trail, Red Spot Trail, Pumpelly Trail, Dublin Trail, Marlboro Trail, Old Half Way House Trail and the Royce Trail. All are an adventure of their own some with brooks and streams and all have fairly easy terrain. Get out and enjoy this mountain trail system mostly late summer and in the fall because the trails are nice and dry and i like the colorful scenery.

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