This hike never gets old! Desperately needing a day in the mountains we decided to get out on Sunday. We wanted to hike something on the "smaller" side but was still a good work-out. Welch-Dickey never disappoints! We parked at 9:00am with just a few cars in the lot and by the looks, no snow! We began bare-booting and soon needed to put the micro-spikes on as there was ice on the trail from recent rain freeze. Just below the first ledge outlook on Welch the ice got really thick.

We made the steep, beautiful hike up Welch. The down the frozen back side and up Dickey. We hiked across the upper ledge section which was half covered in ice (a lot less then usual) and down to Dickey Ledge. This our usual lunch spot we hung out and enjoyed the beautiful, quite February day! Then it was back down, passing the ice caves which were again no where near as impressive as they usually are this time of year. The beauty of these Granite batholiths never ceases to amaze! We come back here year-after-year, often a couple times a year :)